Set the factors for your success

We know what’s really important: a simple, intelligent and safe processing.

Success is often determined by the smallest factors. For example, a simple, secure payment process can make the difference as to whether your business will be successful or not within just a few moments. Starting with selecting the right devices and optimal software, through to certification and processing, it all comes down to smart, proven processes. Wirecard has the expertise and extensive experience to help you in all processes. 

All aspects of payment processing are developed and optimised in accordance with the latest standards and sophisticated programming techniques at Wirecard. We are by your side from the very beginning and help you to achieve success. From selecting the optimal setup to your daily operations.


  • Reliable payment devices
  • Optimised, intelligent processes
  • Latest software and standards

Authorization Transaction Switching by Romcard

With a host of configuration options, maximum compatibility and adaptable software, you can call upon our authorisation and transaction switching. A sophisticated, robust system for routing and switching transactions. POS devices, cash machines and all current network interfaces, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are supported. National and international. EMV acquiring and issuing, transaction security via HSMs, CVC2 card verification, stand-in authorisation, pass-through, check digit validation, expiry validation and PIN translation.

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Clearing Interface by Romcard

To help you manage all of your claims quickly and simply, we offer an efficient clearing interface. All claims are exchanged and declared with the various card and financial institutions, including Visa SMS transactions. This process is generally completed within a day. You can also request various types of customer reports as required to enable a more detailed analysis of your payments. Our clearing interface is not just efficient, but also offers considerable versatility for your business.

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