Our POS solutions ensure smooth operations.

If you give your customers the option of making cashless payments at your point of sale, then it’s important that everything runs smoothly. After all, you are the one behind everything and you want to make things as convenient as possible for your customers. We are here to offer you the best POS solutions and, in case of failed payments that place you in a difficult situation, you can really count on us to solve it . We offer POS solutions with maximum expertise and comprehensive experience. Flexible, robust and sophisticated. 

For all possible financial institutions and payment methods. Our strong team will help you prior to installation and with all typical enquiries through to fraud management. We offer the right equipment for every requirement to ensure smooth payment processes.


  • Flexible device solutions
  • Maximum experience
  • Simple, intelligent solutions

POS operation services

Wirecard offers a high-performing, efficient POS operation service, enabling your business to meet all the demands of cashless transactions. This begins with EMV certification for Visa and Mastercard, including support for all possible connectivity types such as TCP/IP, GPRS and dial-up, payment via online account, as well as various management programmes tailored to your business. Our management programmes include POS management (merchant/campaign level), key management, loyalty and network management (cash advance/merchants). We also offer effective fraud management service. We can also process analogue POS payment methods  over the telephone via voice authorisation. Settlement file and disputes management, as well as POS network management are available. 

POS outsourcing services

Payment acceptance at the POS offers many benefits for both customers and merchants. However, it also involves a certain responsibility and risk. Make your life easier and avail of our efficient, all-inclusive POS outsourcing service. We supply and install equipment, set up the software and look after all processes and maintenance. If there is an issue, we come up with a solution immediately and replace equipment if necessary. The POS network from Wirecard operates to the latest and highest standards. Both in terms of security and intelligent processes which make things easier for your business on a day-to-day basis. A perfect all-round solution for you and your customers. Option for buy-back or no buy-back at the contract termination with takeover of the integrated POS related services. 

Voice authorization features to the acquring banks by Romcard

If the connection to your POS network is unavailable or no POS devices are available, we are still there for you and your customers around the clock. Our call centre gives your customers the opportunity to pay by voice authorisation, where they can carry out transactions by telephone. The cardholder calls our call centre and identifies themselves by means of their voice and a secure PIN number. The data is first sent to Visa or Mastercard via Romcard for further processing and is then approved. The payment is then confirmed in paper form and is completed. We give you and your customers the benefit of secure payments at your POS, even if no devices are available.

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