Secure cash payments need reliable systems

Our ATM service is efficient down to the smallest detail.

Cash is still a must for many people and remains a key part of our daily lives. Offer your customers the opportunity to withdraw cash simply and cost-effectively, and also enjoy the benefits for your business. Our ATM services include smooth processing and management, as well as the opportunity for cost-efficient outsourcing. 

Choose the variant that best suits your business and benefit from our expert service and years of expertise. We guarantee the highest standards, high acceptance at financial institutions and comprehensive service for you and your customers.


  • Attractive offers for your customers
  • The highest standards
  • Maximum security
  • Optimal service

ATM operation services

Operating a cash machine requires more expertise than it may appear. But we are there to help you with the latest standards, high acceptance at financial institutions and competent service for every need. With effective monitoring (connectivity, technical error, fraud), we analyse factors such as precise usage frequency and make it easier for you to operate a cash machine. All standards are EMV (Visa/Mastercard) certified and run to the highest levels of quality. In the case of a fault, we get things back up and running right away with effective measures. Our ATM service includes ATM management (cash out/cash in - cash out or cash deposit BNA ATM), online monitoring alerts, accounts checking, uncertain dispense transactions analyses and account adjustment and additional ATM services (transfer operation, bill payment, balance inquiry, mini-statement, PIN change). Check with us the whole range of cost-efficient processes that is available around the clock. 

ATM outsourcing services

Avail of Wirecard’s ATM outsourcing service and hand over all of the responsibility, but none of the benefits. We ensure that everything runs smoothly, from setup and installation to filling, monitoring and process optimisation. Running a cash machine offers exclusive benefits which will impress your customers. In the case of unforeseeable damage or failure, we are immediately on hand to help and will have your cash machine back up and running as soon as possible. Give your customers the flexibility of withdrawing cash as they need it and become an attractive place for your customers to visit. Option for buy-back or no buy-back at the contract termination, with takeover of the integrated ATM related services.