Various payment options

Online payments should be both simple and secure.

A good feeling is still an important factor for many customers in the case of online payments. Give your customers the peace of mind they need and boost their willingness to buy. Our simple, smooth payment processes will increase their readiness to make a purchase. In addition to high acceptance of many banks and financial institutions, we offer a wide range of different payment methods online. 

These include innovative mobile payment systems as well as smart offers such as Romcard Masterpass Wallet, which makes it easier for your customers to make payments online. Security is also of paramount importance to us, and it needs to be as high as possible for everybody involved. Make things easy for you and your customers with Wirecard.


  • Fast, simple payment 
  • Maximum security for all 
  • Increased sales through acceptance

Romcard Masterpass Wallet

Several cards in one solution. This is what you can expect from the Romcard Masterpass Wallet. Simplify online payment options for your customers with the Masterpass Wallet and boost their purchase impulse through fast, simple operation for online purchases. With the Masterpass Wallet, your customers can save their various credit card, bank and payment card details and use them to make payments with Masterpass Wallet via a single login. This simplified payment process makes things easier for your customers and also ensures smooth sale processes.

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