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We are your optimal contact for contactless payment.

We offer all current standards in contactless payment, allowing your customers to make contactless payments securely and conveniently. Whether it’s NFC, HCE or software solutions, as a technology leader, we have the experience and expertise required to ensure successful setup and implementation. 

However, contactless payment is more than just fast, simple payments in the blink of an eye. We are just getting started with our ideas and are constantly developing new pioneering solutions in this industry, enabling processes to be simplified, customer retention boosted and sales increased. The future payment has only just begun. Be part of it with us.


  • Fast payments
  • High acceptance
  • Simple processing

HCE by Supercard

Host Card Emulation (HCE) enables secure NFC-based transactions for payments and services in mobile applications, without the need for a physical security element (Secure Element or SE). Sensitive transaction information is therefore no longer stored on a hardware element, but is instead stored centrally in a secure server environment. Wirecard thus offers a solution enabling virtual NFC payment cards for smartphones to be created, which can be paired with other mobile payment systems as well as loyalty and couponing offers. 


QR-Code by Supercard

QR codes are a transmission standard that enables mobile payment via smartphone. Almost all smartphones are able to read QR codes, regardless of their operating system, which makes this transmission standard one of the most adept for cashless payment via smartphone. It is also already well known and users are familiar with how to use it.


NFC by Supercard

NFC (near-field communication) is a contactless card technology which enables payment cards to communicate with NFC reader devices via chip and antenna. Wirecard thus offers a payment solution which enables consumers to make payments with ease at all NFC-compatible checkouts. The customer just needs to hold their smartphone against the NFC reader which will confirm the payment via a signal. Thanks to this tap-and-go technology, the payment process takes just 300-600 milliseconds.


RFID by Supercard

With RFID, you can do almost anything. In contrast to NFC technology, RFID offers considerably greater scope for data transmission between a card or device featuring an RFID chip and a reader or receiver device. This enables a data connection to be established as soon as a cardholder enters a building or room, for example. You can use this to send a welcome SMS to your customers as soon as they enter your business or to track employee attendance. In accordance with the great potential of the technology, we offer a wide range of solutions and processes which we can tailor to your needs.


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