Individualised card products

Greater customer loyalty thanks to individuality:
complete customisation.

A credit card is always associated with the name of a person, company or institution. This affiliation plays a fundamental role in the issuance of cards and is based on important standards and services. After all, the name of your valued customer is always located directly beside yours on the issued card.

To ensure maximum customer loyalty, we offer all current standards and many other opportunities throughout the entire customisation process for you to personalise the process of sending out your cards: 

BIN/Issuing EMV certification management, chip and magnetic stripe card personalisation, contactless cards personalisation, card acquisition, card stock management, card & all related material for enveloping and key management. Transportation services for Bucharest branches/locations are available, via armored cards, in accordance with the international organisations Visa and Mastercard requirements.  


  • Maximum customisation
  • Highest standards
  • Integrated services

Printing and enveloping

Strengthen your customer loyalty by personalising the process of issuing your cards. We offer various ways to adapt and produce the dispatch statements, welcome letters, electronic invoices and other documents based on your company’s design guidelines, in black, highlight or full colour. From letter paper to envelopes and packaging, we offer you considerable creative freedom in terms of design. Get in touch with us to learn more.