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Our retail loyalty programmes boost customer retention.

Generate even greater customer loyalty for your products and services by offering customers compelling advantages that they will benefit from, over and over again. Clever retail loyalty programmes not only give your customers that great feeling of being rewarded, but also give them the certainty that they will never miss out on an offer ever again. We offer tailor-made card solutions for just about every retail requirement, from customer cards, prepaid cards and gift cards, to bonus cards, cashback cards and partner cards.

Select the most suitable format, such as a mini card, special format or standard PVC, cardboard or ABS plastic card, with a hologram, metallic colours or embossing. On request we will even produce promotional material and accompanying information that can be sent with your card.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation – we’ll gladly help you find just the right solution for you.


  • The entire loyalty programme in one place, from cards to tailored software, database management and mailing
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Completely individual design
  • Informative statistics about customer behaviour

Sphere PAY access & payment system

We developed the Sphere PAY system for companies organizing events, malls or any other closed-circuit shopping area, where access and payments need to be made in a simple, fast and secure way. Based on a contactless card or bracelet,  the solution can be personalized based on your requirements and offers maximum security. The user-friendly Cloud Portal Backoffice allows you to manage the entire system, view relevant statistics and transaction details, process top-ups for cards or bracelets, and much more. Optional system components such as a mobile app or a kiosk with identification, top-up or payout services are also available if required. Contact us to help you find the optimal package for your requirements. 

Transport & parking

There’s one card that makes various aspects of life easier, such as travelling on public transport or parking in paid parking spaces and carparks. We offer systems for both these areas to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth ride. Take public transport, for instance: Precise GPS data from your fleet will enable you to provide your customers with important information, and you’ll also enjoy an overview of all relevant data on location, time of travel/transit hours or speed, through complex monitoring reports per vehicle, so you can plan even more efficiently. Or parking: Save time and money with our clever parking management system. From the installation of an entry/exit driveway, to payment systems and management programmes, Wirecard is proposing highly automated and complete parking solutions, RFID based, that reduce time and costs, work both on cash or card, provide complex reports, all with an integrated management.

AFI Gift Card by Supercard

With our gift card solutions, such as AFI GIFT CARD, you can make sure your customers always receive their absolute dream present. The GIFT CARD can be adapted to suit any industry and form of payment, it’s easy to top up and a breeze to manage. The Gift card is rechargeable and can be loaded with sums between 50-10,000 RON/day, can be personalized and comes with an attractive gift box, perfect for a nice anniversary, a holidays present or rewarding employees and business partners. The gift card can also be enrolled in Cards4u mobile app and can be used for shopping in any of the Cards4u partner stores. All these benefits can be found in the successful gift card solution AFI Gift Card. Rechargeable, AFI Gift Card can be used in all Partner stores inside AFI Mall Bucharest and Ploiesti.

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