Tailored services for electronic payment transactions and account services.

Our core area of expertise lies in processing cashless transactions and issuing cards, ATM and POS network management, loyalty programs and applications, dispute management, fraud monitoring solutions up to emergency assistance services for card-holders worldwide, call center and support in implementing the EMV standards. We offer the right solutions for practically every industry and demand, regardless of company size.

This makes us one of the largest service providers in eastern Europe for card issuing, management of card and customer accounts as well as payment processing.

Our range of services includes virtually every aspect of electronic payment transactions with an almost unparalleled range, as we are constantly expanding our portfolio with innovative, tailored solutions. Quality and security standards are important to us and are always at the highest level. Place your trust in our extensive experience and expertise as one of the largest providers in Romania and eastern Europe.


We offer the right card solution for practically every requirement. This includes credit, prepaid and payout cards, as well as NFC solutions for contactless payment. To enable the free design of your cards, our white label programme allows you to design your cards based on your own corporate design and corporate guidelines.

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We offer acceptance solutions for practically every payment method. These can be integrated quickly and simply into existing technical infrastructures. Whether it’s technical processing of transactions, payout in multiple currencies, the corresponding POS terminal infrastructure or various supplementary services, our product range ensures secure, international omnichannel sales.

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Mobile Solutions

Barcode payments, HCE or NFC solutions, mobile wallets, mobile card readers or apps, we provide every type of solution for mobile payment. Easy to use and to connect to different systems, available entirely in the form of a white label solution and compatible with multiple currencies and languages.

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Security from the very first step guarantees the profitability of your business. We offer modular solutions for effective protection from payment default as a result of credit risk or fraud. Dangers and risks of a payment are identified and evaluated in real time during the purchase process and transmitted to the merchant in conjunction with a credit limit in the form of a payment method recommendation, for example.

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Consultation and communication are important factors with regard to efficiency and security and are generally very individual in nature. We therefore provide customer-specific communication solutions for every business model. On request, you can avail yourself of premium consultation and information services around the clock.

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Romcard offers banks the whole range of services in the card processing field. With more than 20 years of experience in the cards operation field, Romcard is operating on a system built entirely in compliance with international standards and based on certificates received from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club card associations. Based on our unrivalled experience in services related to card transaction security, Romcard also extends its services to all areas linked to banking.


Supercard is the leader of the Romanian market for loyalty programmes based both on cards and on modern technologies – NFC, RFID, CRM, QR. Starting 2014, Supercard started to develop new special solutions destined to retail such as Cards4u mobile app or POS sharing. Supercard, involved in the first loyalty program in Romania, is currently partner in the most complex loyalty programs in Romania and also in the successful AFI Gift card project. We take pride knowing that we can deliver all services required even by the most complex loyalty programme, no matter the loyalty solutions that has been chosen. 


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